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DDP Shipping

OrangeDS' DDP Landed Cost Solutions provide a hassle-free and delightful shopping experience for customers. With our comprehensive platform, you can easily calculate and include all duties, taxes, and fees upfront, ensuring a smooth and transparent purchasing process.


Delivery Avg. with 65k parcels delivered

New Zealand


Delivery Avg. with 1.3m parcels delivered

United Kingdom


Delivery Avg. with 83k parcels delivered



Delivery Avg. with 49k parcels delivered



Delivery Avg. with 76k parcels delivered



Delivery Avg. with 56k parcels delivered


Crossborder Solutions

International Ecommerce Shipping

Ship ecommerce parcels to 220+ countries worldwide

DDP Shipping

Landed Cost Solutions

Our Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service ensures a smooth transaction by collecting applicable duties and taxes at checkout. Simply ship with OrangeDS DDP label and enjoy the ease and convenience of our end-to-end service.

DDU Shipping

Increase Global Sales

Provide an attractive shipping option that meets the needs of price-sensitive international shoppers. With DDU, we manage the logistics and transportation of your international shipments while your customers handle duties and taxes at delivery.

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Global U.S.
Ecommerce Imports

Ship into U.S.A from anywhere

Omnichannel Fulfillment
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Enhance your ecommerce supply chain

U.S. Domestic Ecommerce Shipping

Ship across U.S.A